About Us

Donate Your Old Shoes' mission is simple, "Put shoes on the shoeless worldwide." So many people in different parts or our world walk around barefoot, not by choice, but because they lack the resources to put shoes on their feet. This sad reality became increasingly evident to founder Philip Cleary and his family during a 2006 trip to Nicaragua. Seeing all the adults and children walking around in trash filled streets broke the Cleary familys' heart. It made them think of all the old shoes they had simply tossed in the trash over the years. What a difference those old shoes could have made for these underprivileged people. It was then when Philip and his family had the vision for Donate Your Old Shoes.


Today, Donate Your Old Shoes is a recognized 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Our focus is to assist schools, businesses and churches organize shoe drives where any man, women or child can donate their old shoes. Students, collecting shoes for the needy is a community service act and can be counted for school credit. With your help we can reach our goal of collecting 100,000 pairs of shoes and extend our efforts to help Africa, and other shoeless populations around the world.


Donate Your Old Shoes is not asking for your hard earned money, we're just asking for your gently used old shoes. Like a charity should, the Cleary family is donating it's own time and resources to fulfil our vision, "putting shoes on the shoeless worldwide." We may not be the biggest charity but I bet it would be difficult to find a more charitable charity.


If you want to send your shoes to an organization that is a non denominational, small, family run charity that is "lean and mean" with hardly any overhead expenses and NO PAYROLL, then this should be your charity of choice for your old shoes. Our promise is to store all collected shoes until a legitimate, verified and credible need arises so we can ship the shoes to meet that need in the most cost efficient manner. As Ronald Reagan use to say, "Trust But Verify".