Donate Your Old Shoes (DYOS) started as a simple family endeavor a few years ago and has since turned into a very successful venture. When I say “successful” I'm referring to this family run charitable organization that is achieving its goal of putting shoes on the shoeless, worldwide, at an affordable cost to us.


DYOS is made up of myself, my wife, Kimberly, and our 4 kids. Without them there would be no DYOS. DYOS has never solicited grants or other “handouts” from the government nor any charitable foundation. We have never asked for cash from anybody. In fact we've never asked for anything from anybody other than your gently used shoes. We are VERY PROUD of this. You could say that we operate on a “shoestring”.


It still amazes me when I stand in our storage unit and look at the forest of boxes, full of donated shoes, that well intended people from all over the world have sent us. One day I randomly opened a small box containing 2 pairs of never used kid's shoes with price tags still attached- $30.00 for each pair! The handwritten note inside the box simply said: “From 2 little boys from North Carolina”. Thinking to myself, there's no way I'm going to let these 2 little boys down, as well as, the thousands of others who have spent a lot of hard earned money getting their shoes to me so I can give them a second life.


It all comes down to the basic good in people and in their generosity by shipping their shoes to us and my ability to find and vet potential collaboration partners to get the shoes to where they're needed in the most cost effective way.


When I return home from work every day and see boxes of shoes piled up next to our front door, it really puts things into perspective: This simple idea we had a long time ago really works. We're making a difference!


Thank you all for your help and support.
Phil Cleary AKA “The Shoe Guy”