Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why did we start DYOS and why do we keep it going?

A - We were looking for a way to give back. We've been lucky in life but have witnessed extreme despair while overseas. We keep doing it because it works, we receive a lot of gratification from it, and our kids appreciate what we're accomplishing.

Q - How much profit do the Clearys make from shoes sent to them?

A - Not a dime. Never have, never will.

Q - Why not expand and take DYOS "Big Time"?

A - That would mean: employees, management problems and expenses. That's not what we're looking for.

Q - Why not distribute shoes locally, or at least to USA organizations?

A - That's not our focus. We're trying to give your donated shoes to the POOREST OF THE POOR. Those who don't have access to benefits offered in the USA, such as Click.

Q - Why can't you tell me where my shoes will end up?

A - Good question, one we hear a lot. Every shipment is different. Unfortunately, I don't have an ongoing relationship with a humanitarian organization that has shipping containers leaving Southern California with available room for my shoes. So every time my storage container is near capacity, I scramble to find such an organization. So far I've been successful every time. Check out "DYOS' Wish List" Here.

Q - Who are the Clearys?

A - Philip from Los Angeles and Kimberly from Orange County are raising four kids in San Diego. Philip has a real estate/construction background and Kimberly comes from the MRI field.

Q - Does DYOS pay for shipping to San Diego?

A - Sorry we don't.

Q - Who pays for all this?

A - Our only expenses are self storage monthly rent ( very reasonable, thanks to Sorrento Valley Self Storage of San Diego ) and occasional purchase of cardboard boxes ( very reasonable thanks to AMD Container of Los Angeles). So the short answer is, we pay for it.

Q - How do the Clearys benefit from DYOS

A - Quite a bit:

  • Teaching our kids that we're not just citizens of the USA but citizens of Planet Earth. We don't leave people in need behind.
  • We're donating to an organization where we know where every dime is spent. None of our money is going toward ridiculous executive salaries nor ugly lawsuit settlements.
  • We can see with our own eyes the "end result." Seeing people who have absolutely nothing receiving their first pair of shoes is an amazing experience.
  • When we see and hear on the news about horrible things happening in various countries around the world, we know that we have done a small part to help make the world a better place.

Q - Are you guys (DYOS) still in business?

A - We're still going strong. I will take down the website if things change. So if you see our website, then we're still accepting shoes.

Q - Can I drop off my shoes?

A - Of course!

Q - On Amazon can I designate Donate Your Old Shoes as an approved charity by AmazonSmile to receive a donation of 1/2 per cent of your order paid by Amazon?

A - We are indeed an approved charity of Amazon to participate in their giving back program called AmazonSmile. It cost you absolutely nothing.

Q - Why don't you give receipts and/or letters of appreciation?

A - Neither Kimberly nor I don't have the time to open every box, count the shoes, return the shoes to the box, reseal the box, fill out the receipt form, send it, etc. Please remember there are just two of us and we still have our day jobs.

Q - What's on DYOS' "Wish List"?

A - Without a doubt, to develop an ONGOING collaboration partnership with a humanitarian organization to assist with the shipping. I can't afford to spend the $5,000 every six months when our storage unit is full to ship the shoes to some Fourth World country, determine clear customs, and then distribute the shoes without causing a stampede. In the past, I've been lucky enough to find organizations that already have containers going to these places, and I've been able to add my shoes to their humanitarian supplies.

Q - How many shoes have you collected and shipped so far?

A - Honestly, I really can't tell you exactly. Most the time we load the boxes unopened and don't count the shoes inside. Remember it's just the 2 of us. If I had to estimate the number of shoes we've shipped overseas over the past 5 years, it's probably close to 100,000 pairs!! Our new goal is to ship 1,000,000 pairs of gently used shoes to the most deserving, appreciative and lucky individuals you can imagine!!! It's even hard for me to believe that I'm talking about setting a goal of ONE MILLION pairs of donated shoes. Five years ago, 25,000 pairs seemed to be a lofty target.

Q - How can people help DYOS?

A - Help us find a credible shipping partner. Please see " What's On DYOS' Wish List". Click here