Ship your shoes to this address:

13191 Winstanley Way
San Diego CA 92130


For shipping five boxes or more or for information on organizing shoe drives,
please call Kimberly Cleary at 619 507 1347 or email:


*Please tie shoelaces together or wrap the pairs with a rubber band to keep them together!

**Please send any notes or correspondence to us separately because most of the boxes of shoes are loaded into the shipping containers unopened. Thanks for understanding.

***If you have any questions on receipts click Here or where your shoes will be delivered click Here.

****Cardboard boxes are the preferred way to send us shoes, not in plastic bags please!

Types of shoes accepted

All types of shoes are welcomed and appreciated. Some people need big shoes, some people need small shoes. Some people need school shoes, some people need work boots. Some people need slippers, some people need soccer shoes. Some people need dance shoes, some people need dress up shoes. Some people need flip flops. Please no holes or shoes worthy of the trash bin.

I would be so ashamed and embarrassed to send shoes that are basically garbage (Holes, Smelly, Ripped, etc).

It would be a total insult to these deserving people. We're trying to give them dignity and show them appreciation and concern from their more fortunate Brothers overseas.

If you really want to send us some cash...

Well, that's not really what we're looking for! However, if you've read about us, then you know that we store the shoes at Sorrento Valley Storage until it's full and then we ship them! We could really use a hand with storage payments, so if you'd like to help please send a check to:

Sorrento Valley Self Storage, 10531 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego CA 92121. Phone #: 858 453 0800

Be sure to reference on check to credit account of: Donate Your Old Shoes Unit # D2708

It would be very APPRECIATED!!!!!